Federal Government Open Day 2019

"The DPMA: an office with much appeal"

More than 3,800 visitors seized the opportunity to see the place from the inside where Federal Minister of Justice Lambrecht works – the DPMA was pleased about the interest in IP rights.
"Hello Politics!" was the motto of the 21st Open Day organised by the Federal Government in Berlin on 17 and 18 August. The Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection and with it the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) were among the participants. Together with Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht they jointly opened their gates to citizens of this country. It was not only the IP rights of the DPMA that attracted the interest of visitors large and small, but also the Federal Minister, about whom much information was available.

Questions to the Federal Minister

Federal Minister Christine Lambrecht (centre) and DPMA staff

"Do you enjoy being Federal Minister? Did your family want to have a say in whether you accepted the post? Do you have to work hard as a Federal Minister? What are your hobbies?" Such were the questions, which were all answered by Lambrecht. Yes, she enjoyed being Federal Minister because her heart was beating for legal politics and this job allowed her to contribute to shaping how society develops. She replied that she had made the decision herself, but her family was very happy and supported her. It was challenging to take the time to familiarise herself with all the topics. Her hobbies ranged from reading and hiking to watching football, preferably the football matches of the Red Devils.

During her tour of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, Lambrecht was enthusiastic at the DPMA stand about the great interest of visitors in IP rights and about the challenging patent quiz. "The DPMA is an office with appeal," she said and stressed the importance of the office: "The German Patent and Trade Mark Office is committed to high quality standards in its examination work, thus making it an important partner for industry both at national and international level".

Visiting the DPMA stand

"Maya the Bee" was happy to welcome guests large and small at the DPMA stand

A total of 3,824 visitors came to the DPMA stand. Many visitors wanted to know how a patent arises, how it differs from a utility model, how long the protection of a trade mark lasts and what can be protected as a design. In addition, the focus was on the search via DEPATISnet and the office's current job advertisements. The DPMA is looking for patent examiners and IT specialists and offers secure jobs with flexible and family-friendly working hours, training opportunities and the option to work from home. (Further vacancies of the DPMA are advertised online at Career). The informative flyers and brochures as well as the annual report of the DPMA also met with great approval.

Everyone got the opportunity to test their own knowledge in an interactive patent quiz, in which inventions had to be assigned to famous personalities. The prize was a metal puzzle set. What does Prince have in common with Rhineland rye bread? Did the author of the "The Little Prince", Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, invent shoes that were able to overcome gravity or a watch with five dials? Those who found these questions too theoretical were able to make flowers, houses and giraffes from PlayMais modelling material in the inventor's workshop. As a souvenir, the young guests in particular received a certificate with their own image.

Picture 1: DPMA, Picture 2: Preussel, Picture 3: DPMA

Last updated: 26 May 2023