Other companies

The following companies have been brought to the attention of the DPMA. The DPMA does not know whether these companies are still active. Once again, we expressly point out that these companies have no connection with the DPMA.

  • DDA Service (Internetadresse:
  • EPOC (Internetadresse:
  • European Office of Brand Protection (Internetadresse:
  • Germany ICT (Interneadresse:
  • IP Uberwachungs Service (Internetadrese:
  • Kommerzieller europ√§ischer schutz (Internetadresse:
  • Intellectual Property Office Deutschland (Internetadresse:
  • Intellectual Property Office Europe (Internetadresse:
  • World Brand Protection Office (Internetadresse:
  • Web Markenschutz (Internetadresse:

Last updated: 25 August 2021