Tablet and tables with 3D effect

Statistics and all data in tabular form are available under the respective IP right:

The tables containing data on technological fields are based on the current technology field structure of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Overview of important figures



Infographics for the different IP rights with data analysis in particular:

Annual statistics

Detailed annual statistics are published every year in the March issue of the journal "Blatt für Patent-, Muster- und Zeichenwesen", published by externer Link Carl Heymanns Verlag.

Information regarding the method used for the statistics: The annual statistics are compiled for patents, utility models, trade marks and registered designs with the dynamic statistics system called DPMAstatistik. Due to the dynamic character, the figures can change over time – depending on the respective date of retrieval, for example, when a legal status change has a retrospective effect.

The annual statistics published for 2023 are as at February 2024.

EU funding

DPMA has received funding from the European Union's NextGenerationEU recovery plan to improve the technical infrastructure and the data basis of the in-house statistical system.

Statistics of national and international IP offices

Statistical data from other national or international patent offices are available at their respective websites. In addition, the annual reports of the most important patent offices are available at our library.

Statistical data

Depending on what you look for, our free databases DPMAregister and DEPATISnet might be a good source for your indivdual statistical analyses. For example, you can search for postal codes within the name fields (applicant, owner or inventor) and thus narrow down your query to a certain region. The Expert search mode is best for handling complex searches.
You can consult the externer Link patent information centres for assistance with searches.

Our staff of the Hotline for Database Users will be glad to answer your questions concerning our databases, either via e-mail to or by phone on + 49 89/2195-3435.

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Last updated: 22 May 2024