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Picture showing several DPMA brochures
Information brochures relating to IP rights
Title  Document  Last update 
Patents  pdf-Datei PDF (1,34 MB)   November 2019 
Utility Models   pdf-Datei PDF  November 2017 
Trade Marks     Updated version – including the provisions of the Trade Mark Law Modernisation Act (Markenrechtsmodernisierungsgesetz) – not yet available 
Designs   pdf-Datei PDF   November 2017 
Information leaflets
Title  Document  Last update 
Industrial Property Rights at a Glance  pdf-Datei PDF  July 2016 
Information leaflets on DPMA e-services
Title  Document  Last Update 
Worldwide Patent Search for the State of the Art 
pdf-Datei PDF  July 2016 
Online Filing of IP Applications  
pdf-Datei PDF  July 2016 
Official Publication and Register Database 
pdf-Datei PDF   June 2019 
for Patents, Trade Marks, Utility Models and Registered Designs at a Glance 
pdf-Datei PDF   July 2016 
Information leaflets on online searches
Title  Document  Last Update 
Prior Art Search on the Internet  pdf-Datei PDF (4,34 MB)  April 2018 
Trade Mark Searches Online  pdf-Datei PDF  June 2019 
Design Searches Online  pdf-Datei PDF   June 2019 

Picture: DPMA

Last updated: 7 January 2020 


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