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Overview of current issues

Caution: Fraudulent requests for payment by e-mail!

Fraudulent requests for payment circulated again! In contrast to previous cases of fraud, trade mark applicants were contacted by e-mail. The e-mails sent in the name of the Office management of the DPMA request the recipients to transfer allegedly due application fees (up into the four-digit range) to foreign accounts (recently also to a German IBAN). The scam e-mails are also accompanied by a forged trade mark certificate containing the logo of the DPMA.

The DPMA expressly points out that these e-mails are not related to the Office. The Office does not send invoices or requests for payment - neither for the application or renewal of IP rights nor for their publication in the official registers.

May 2024

  • AI that can see (16.05.2024)
    Nominated for the European Inventor Award: Cordelia Schmid
  • Milestones (16.05.2024)
    275th birthday: Edward Jenner, father of vaccination
  • Press release (14.05.2024)
    Product piracy: How SMEs can enforce their property rights
  • Background (07.05.2024)
    Father´s day special: The Bollerwagen handcart - Here for the beer!
  • World of Design (06.05.2024)
    Musical instruments in many tonal colours

April 2024

  • Background (30.04.2024)
    Protection of intellectual property highly strategically relevant for Germany: DPMA President Eva Schewior speaks to business organisations in Berlin on World Intellectual Property Day
  • Ingenious women (30.04.2024)
    175th birthday of Bertha Benz: With hatpin, garter and 3 hp: A lady´s drive into the age of cars
  • Background (30.04.2024)
    Star Wars Day: The empire and IP
  • Press release (26.04.2024)
    World Intellectual Property Day 2024: Fresh impetus for renewable energy innovation, DPMA analysis shows
  • Background (24.04.2024)
    World IP Day 2024: Shaping a sustainable future together - WIPO video message and DPMA contribution
  • World IP Day 2024 (09.04.2024)
    Building our common future with innovation and creativity
  • World of Design (09.04.2024)
    All about the "bike"

March 2024

  • Number of the month (28.03.2024)
    40 percent more published patent applications in the field of AI since 2019
  • Important notice (22.03.2024)
    On European cooperation in the field of trade mark law: trade mark applications made in bad faith
  • World of Design (21.03.2024)
    Happy Easter
  • Press release (18.03.2024)
    Boom in filings of AI inventions
  • Milestones (11.03.2024)
    Solar Gold and circuit laws: 200th birthday of Gustav Robert Kirchhoff
  • International Women’s Day 2024 (08.03.2024)
    "Invest in women: Accelerate progress"
  • Press release (06.03.2024)
    Partners for a strong innovation ecosystem: WIPO Director General Daren Tang visits DPMA
  • Press release (05.03.2024)
    DPMA annual figures: More inventions filed by German companies

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