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Overview of current issues

August 2019

  • Milestones (09/08/2019)
    Wright or wrong? The Whitehead mystery of the world´s first motor flight

July 2019

  • Background (07/08/2019)
    Day of the open monument 2019
  • Search (31/07/2019)
    New layout for DEPATISnet - we look forward to your feedback
  • Background (30/07/2019)
    International Beer Day: Serious drinking - Beer and IP
  • Ingenious women (21/07/2019)
    Series "Apollo's Women - Heroines in the Background of the Moon Landing"
  • Milestones (21/07/2019)
    50 years lunar landing: The patents that brought man to moon
  • Annual Report 2018 now available in English (08/07/2019)
    German Patent and Trade Mark Office provides information on technology trends, application procedures and its digital services
  • Milestones (08/07/2019)
    World's oldest perfume manufacturer: 310 years fighting imitators
  • Press release (01/07/2019)
    E-invoice: German Patent and Trade Mark Office processes all invoices fully electronically

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