News - Archive 2021

December 2021

  • Milestones (23.12.2021)
    Johannes Kepler's 450th birthday: Searching for the divine harmony of the universe
  • Milestones (13.12.2021)
    Steven Spielberg´s 75th birthday: Aliens, sharks and patents
  • Background (03.12.2021)
    Christmas time and IP: Santa Claus patents, brands, designs
  • Background (03.12.2021)
    Nobel Prizes 2021: Two German researchers honored

November 2021

  • Events (24.11.2021)
    DPMAnutzerforum 2022 as Livestream on 29 March 2022
  • International relations (19.11.2021)
    G7 virtual meeting: Heads of IP offices of major economies talk about healthcare, future technologies and the enforcement of IP rights
  • Cooperation (19.11.2021)
    140 years of the patent and information centre Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Press release (17.11.2021)
    Deutscher Zukunftspreis award for the “key to the fight against COVID-19” - DPMA President congratulates BioNTech’s team
  • Milestones (15.11.2021)
    Re-inventing the wheel: 100 years ago John Dunlop, the (re)inventor of the pneumatic tyre, died
  • Notice of 10 November 2021 (10.11.2021)
    It is now even easier to apply for designs online: DPMAdirektWeb for designs with new functions
  • Customer Care and Services (08.11.2021)
    New service: online search support
  • Press Release (03.11.2021)
    Creative women and many ideas concerning protective clothing: Against the trend, independent inventors filed more patent applications in 2020 than in the previous year – new services offered at

Oktober 2021

  • Number of the month (29.10.2021)
    More than 25 shelf kilometres
  • Online event (29.10.2021)
    "Patent Knowledge Week" from 2 to 5 November - Register now for free
  • Milestones (28.10.2021)
    The inventor of lithography: Alois Senefelder`s 250th birthday
  • Background (21.10.2021)
    Halloween and IP: Patents of horror
  • Tips for your application (13.10.2021)
    Would you like to register your invention with the DPMA?
  • Milestones (12.10.2021)
    Charles Babbage died 150 years ago: The lady and the calculator
  • Milestones (06.10.2021)
    An invention that sweetened everyday life: Jacob Christoph Rad, inventor of cube sugar, died 150 years ago

September 2021

  • Important Notice (30.09.2021)
    Germany ratifies the Protocol on the Provisional Application of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court
  • Notice of the President No. 6/2021 (29.09.2021)
    concerning the opening hours of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office from 24 December 2021 to 1 January 2022
  • 2021 study by Brigitte (29.09.2021)
    DPMA once again one of the best employers for women
  • Press release (28.09.2021)
    34 trainees at the DPMA in Munich and Jena
  • Milestones (21.09.2021)
    The man who knew everything: Enrico Fermi´s 120th birthday
  • Press release (20.09.2021)
    Global Innovation Index 2021: DPMA President sees both light and shadow in Germany
  • Notice of the President No. 5/2021 (15.09.2021)
    concerning the issuing of acknowledgements of receipt
  • Press release (15.09.2021)
    Deutscher Zukunftspreis award: DPMA President recognises “outstanding innovators”
  • Ingenious women (10.09.2021)
    Flying high: Melli Beese - Germany's first female pilot
  • Press release (07.09.2021)
    More information services for IP protection: DPMA is given a legal mandate to intensify the provision of information to the public and strengthen cooperation with other European and international authorities in the field of IP
  • Notice (07.09.2021)
    concerning the Second Act to Simplify and Modernise Patent Law (Zweites Gesetz zur Vereinfachung und Modernisierung des Patentrechts) of 10 August 2021 and the Act on Further Duties of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office and to Revise the Patent Costs Act (Gesetz über weitere Aufgaben des Deutschen Patent- und Markenamts und zur Änderung des Patentkostengesetzes) of 30 August 2021
  • Milestones (01.09.2021)
    Freddie Mercury's 75th birthday: Immortal frontman of a band with many talents

August 2021

  • Press release (30.08.2021)
    PIZnet campaign week: "IP strategies for SMEs"
  • Milestones (27.08.2021)
    70 years of "Micky Maus Magazin“: Of mice and money
  • Number of the month (24.08.2021)
    1 561 pan-European registrations for agricultural products and foodstuffs
  • Press release (18.08.2021)
    Reform package strengthens innovation location germany
  • Background (19.08.2021)
    Culinary summer journey through Germany
  • Milestones (13.08.2021)
    150th birthday of Orville Wright: A hop into history
  • Press release (11.08.2021)
    DPMA Annual Report 2020: Innovation Trends on Automotive Technology and Digitalization
  • DPMAstrategy (10.08.2021)
    Protecting innovations – shaping the future

July 2021

  • Milestones (30.07.2021)
    Otto Lilienthal died 125 years ago: The flying inventor
  • Number of the month (27.07.2021)
    Over five million programme lines
  • Background (23.07.2021)
    My Strandkorb is my castle: Corona-safe beach fortress
  • Background (11.07.2021)
    65 years ago - the Dartmouth Conference: "Birth" of artificial intelligence as a field of research
  • Milestones (06.07.2021)
    165th birthday of Nikola Tesla: Fantastic inventor - inventive fantasist?

June 2021

  • Number of the month (29.06.2021)
    National patent applications - 86.9 percent online applications
  • Milestones (23.06.2021)
    Storm rider: Jim Morrison's 50th anniversary of death
  • Career (22.06.2021)
    DPMA awarded for its family-friendliness
  • Press release (17.06.2021)
    “Brilliant technology pioneer”: DPMA President congratulates Karl Leo on winning the European Inventor Award
  • Background (11.06.2021)
    European Football Championship: The technology behind the ball
  • Milestones (08.06.2021)
    135th anniversary of the death of Ludwig II of Bavaria: The fairytale king of trade marks
  • Important Notice (07.06.2021)
    DEPATISnet searches now even more convenient - new "Advanced" search mode
  • Important Notice (07.06.2021)
    The new online search support is an interactive service we offer. It helps you conduct searches concerning patents, utility models, trade marks and designs.
  • Press release (01.06.2021)
    "Sagacious pioneer in comprehensive digitisation": DPMA Vice-President Christine Moosbauer goes into retirement – and is succeeded by Bernd Maile

May 2021

  • Number of the month (31.05.2021)
    305,684 participants in "Jugend forscht" - national winners awarded in 2021
  • Press release (28.05.2021)
    “Flagship project” of the federal government marks its 10th anniversary
  • Background (26.05.2021)
    World day of the bicycle: An invention with a great history - and even greater future
  • Important Notice (19.05.2021)
    DPMAdirekt – New functions to prepare lists of goods and services in electronic trade mark filings
  • Milestones (19.05.2021)
    The knock on the doors of heaven: Bob Dylan turns 80
  • Background (11.05.2021)
    Father´s Day: The "Bollerwagen" handcart - beloved beer wagon
  • Milestones (05.05.2021)
    80 years ago: Presentation of the Zuse "Z3" - Konrad Zuse writes technological history in his living room
  • Press release (04.05.2021)
    Exhaust gas becomes plastic: Brilliant German researchers proposed by DPMA nominated for the European Inventor Award

April 2021

  • Background (30.04.2021)
    Star Wars Day: The Force and the Merchandise - IP Rights around Star Wars
  • Milestones (30.04.2021)
    200th anniversary of death: Napoleon - Emperor of trade marks
  • Number of the month April (29.04.2021)
    91.1 percent increase in patent applications in digital communication technology over the past ten years
  • Coronavirus - Update (27.04.2021)
    As of June 1, 2021, hearings and oral proceedings may again be held at the DPMA, provided that the infections are kept below certain limits
  • Press release (22.04.2021)
    Attractive funding programmes for SMEs: Small and medium-sized enterprises in the centre of attention on World Intellectual Property Day
  • Background (19.04.2021)
    Plagiarius 2021: Negative award goes to ten brazen product counterfeits
  • Press release (15.04.2021)
    User Advisory Council starts its second term: 15 representatives of all customer groups of the DPMA appointed for four years
  • SME fund (14.04.2021)
    Intellectual property vouchers for small and medium-sized companies - applications open on 1 May
  • Important Notice (14.04.2021)
    European cooperation in the field of trade mark law – harmonisation of the decision-making practices concerning new types of mark: examination of formal requirements and grounds for refusal
  • Important Notice (12.04.2021)
    DPMA is expanding its Jena location: 110 additional attractive jobs in Thuringia

March 2021

  • Beware of nasty surprises (31.03.2021)
    Warning against Misleading Requests for Payment
  • Press release (30.03.2021)
    Digitisation: China and South Korea are gaining further ground. Analysis for the 2021 DPMAnutzerforum
  • Milestones (23.03.2021)
    120th birthday of Carl Barks: Donald Duck, or: When the drake turned human
  • Background (19.03.2021)
    International Day of Happiness
  • Milestones (16.03.2021)
    William Shatner´s 90th birthday: All the best, Captain Kirk!
  • Number of the month March (08.03.2021)
    221 female patent examiners at the DPMA
  • Press release (05.03.2021)
    Strong DPMA performance 2020 figures in spite of pandemic: Trade mark boom during lockdown
  • Milestones (04.03.2021)
    50 years of "Sendung mit der Maus“: Googly-eyed inspirer

February 2021

  • Important Notice (24.02.2021)
    Longer processing times in trade mark procedures
  • Notice of the President No. 2/21 (22.02.2021)
    Updated design forms as of 1 March 2021
  • Number of the month February (18.02.2021)
    7.6 billion euros - annual damage caused by product piracy
  • Background (10.02.2021)
    Valentine’s Day: Brands and Love
  • Career (05.02.2021)
    On the International Day of Women and Girls in Science
  • Milestones (05.02.2021)
    175th birthday: Wilhelm Maybach - The father of the modern automobile
  • Patent Attorney Examination (02.02.2021)
    Note on examination dates of patent attorney examination I/2021 postponed due to pandemic - DPMA announces new Dates
    The German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) will soon hold the delayed patent attorney examination I/2021, which was scheduled for early February 2021 and postponed due to the pandemic. The examination will now take place from 22 to 25 March 2021 (written part) and from 3 to 12 May 2021 (oral part). The examination is subject to a fundamentally positive development of the pandemic situation.

January 2021

  • Milestones (25.01.2021)
    70th aniversary of death: Ferdinand Porsche - the engineer and his century
  • Important notice (21.01.2021)
    Chinese and German offices extend Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot
  • Legal Representative (18.01.2021)
    Power of representation of British patent attorneys and lawyers ceased
  • DPMAnutzerforum 2021 (18.01.2021)
    Online registration started
  • Split-off from a patent application (14.01.2021)
    Quick protection for your invention
  • Ingenious women (06.01.2021)
    Coco Chanel - the designer of the century
  • Important Notice (05.01.2021)
    Patent Information Centre Kassel has ceased its business activities
  • Important Notices (04.01.2021)
    Notices of 1 January 2021 concerning the Nice Classification and the Locarno Classification

Last updated: 25 March 2021