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Number of the month July: 2 million documents received for an IP right

Two anniversaries at once: In July 2022, the DPMA looked back on 20 years of paperless patent applications and, shortly before, the DPMA received the two millionth document relating to an IP right at the DPMA - a design application via DPMAdirektWeb. You can read more about this in our article "From MIPEX to DPMAdirekt - success story of paperless filing at the DPMA" (in German).

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Number of the month June 2022
Our customer service team helped you more than 140,000 times

Our customer service team was able to provide you with information and advice more than 140,000 times in 2021. More than half of these inquiries - 59 percent - related to trademark protection. Nineteen percent of all customers who contacted our 2021 service had questions about patents. Eight percent inquired about utility models, and six percent about designs. More than half of the inquiries were made by telephone (around 52 percent).

"Customer service and electronic services" in our Digital annual report 2021

Number of the month Mai 2022
1,577 pan-European registrations for agricultural products and foodstuffs

"United in diversity" has been the motto of the European Union since 2000. It expresses that Europeans want to work together for peace and prosperity, and that at the same time the many different European languages, cultures and traditions enrich the entire continent. These include, for example, regional specialties in agricultural products and foodstuffs, such as "Nuremberg gingerbread", "Spreewald gherkins" or "Prosciutto di Parma". A total of 1 577 protected geographical indications are registered for this sector, 92 of which are from Germany alone (data as of May 5, 2022).

Indications of Geographical Origin

Number of the month April 2022
Number of inventions in battery technology rises by 110.6 percent

German companies have a leading position in climate-friendly technologies in their home market. Measured in terms of the number of patent applications with effect for Germany, German companies, research institutions and independent inventors are at the forefront both in renewable energies and in technologies serving climate-friendly mobility. Among the fields of technology that are central to electromobility, the number of inventions in battery technology has increased particularly strongly: Last year, the DPMA and EPA published 3,374 patent applications here with effect in Germany, 110.6 percent more than ten years ago.

Press release of March 29, 2022

Number of the month March 2022
91,613 completed trademark registration procedures

Our trademark examiners completed a total of 91,613 registration procedures in 2021 - 15.1 percent more than in the previous year. In the process, they entered 68 597 new national trademarks in the register (+ 13.5 percent) - a record in the history of the Office. The registration rate was 74.9 percent.

Press release of March 9, 2022

Number of the month February 2022
222 female patent examiners at the DPMA

On the occasion of "Women and Girls in Science Day" and "International Women's Day" on March 8, we congratulate not only the 222 female patent examiners currently working at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA), but all women and girls. 222 female patent examiners, that is about 20 percent of the total number of patent examiners. We have set ourselves the goal to significantly increase the share of female examiners and to recruit even more qualified female scientists and engineers.


Number of the month January 2022
Around 18 million data records

Our number of the month this time is 17,936,264, which is the total number of data records you can currently find in <>, our online free-access register for patents, utility models, trade marks and designs. In detail these are:
- Patents: A total of 9 665 173 records
- Trademarks: A total of 5,021,162 records
- Designs: Total 3 249 929 records
By the way, with the new you now have the possibility to search all IP rights of all four types of IP rights kept in the <> with only one input.


Number of the month December 2021
Plus 102.4 percent

In terms of the number of inventions filed for air cabs and other urban air mobility applications, German companies have recently made a significant leap forward. In 2020, a good 120 inventions by German applicants were published - more than twice as many as in the previous year (+ 102.4 percent). This is shown by a current analysis of the German Patent and Trademark Office, for more information see our Press release.

Press release of 29 December 2021

Number of the month November 2021
Plus 2.8 percent

Independent inventors’ innovative power was unbroken during the COVID-19 situation. Against the trend, the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) received even more patent applications from this group in 2020, the year of the crisis, than in the previous year. A total of 2,819 applications meant a 2.8% increase. "Last year, the independent inventors proved to be guarantors of stability at a difficult time,” said DPMA President Cornelia Rudloff-Schäffer. “These figures show once again that crises are often drivers of creative developments."

Press release of 3 November 2021

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Last updated: 27 July 2022