Collective Payments

If several payments are necessary

You can make payments also for several file numbers on a single "Specification of the purpose of use of the mandate" form A 9532.1 or credit transfer form.

  • One-off direct debit: Please indicate the total amount in section (1) of the "Specification of the purpose of use of the mandate" (A 9532.1) and refer to the attached payment list. This list should contain all details enabling us to accurately identify the fee (official file number, fee number, purpose of use, amount).

  • Ongoing direct debit: For this purpose, you should attach a list of the official file numbers concerned and refer in section (1) on the form (A 9532.1) to the payment list as well as tick the box in section (2) “Use for future payments”.

  • Credit transfer or cash deposit: If there is not enough space in the field "purpose of use" on the credit transfer form to enter your details, then, transfer the total amount and enter the key word "Avis" in the field for the purpose of use. Then, please send us a letter marked "Avis", in which you itemise the total amount (please send the Avis list in size A4 only).

  • Practical tip: We recommend that you also indicate your internal reference number in the header of the list so that you can better identify the payments in your accounting system. List numbers, for example, 10/2014 or similar, have proved useful. Please staple the payment list to the "Specification of the purpose of use of the mandate" form (A 9532.1).
Example of a payment list for a collective direct debit authorisation/Avis (advice note)
Collective direct debit or Avis Specification of the Purpose of Use of the Mandate or credit transfer of: Date
official German file number including check digit (e.g. XY YYYY 123456.P) fee number according to information leaflet "Information Concerning Costs, Fees and Expenses" amount for fee number in euros
(example) XY 2107 123456.P 123456 123.45
(example) XY 2017 234567.P 234567 234.56
etc. etc. etc.
  total amount 3456.78

Mailing address:

Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt
Zahlungsverkehr / Einzug bzw. AVIS
Zweibrückenstrasse 12
80331 München, Germany
Fax: +49 89 2195-2221

You can also send the payment list by e-mail to writing "AVIS" in the subject line.

Detailed information on costs and fees is available in the information leaflet pdf-Datei Information Concerning Costs, Fees and Expenses.

Contact & questions

Do you have any questions?
Then please have a look at the overview of frequently asked questions and answers.

You can also call us or send us an e-mail.

  • For all general questions concerning fees and payment transactions you can call our Central Customer Care and Services +49 089 2195-1000.
  • For concrete questions on payment transactions (e.g. a particular payment) please call our hotline at +49 089 2195-2532.
  • For inquiries on payment transactions please send an e-mail to

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Last updated: 23 February 2023