Notice of 7 June 2021

New service of the DPMA: online search support

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the offices of the DPMA have been temporarily closed to the public. Hence, the DPMA introduces a new online service for the search options it offers on the Internet, which centres on the technical explanation of and individual support with our search tools. This interactive personal support with online searches is provided by the Berlin office.

How does online search support work?

The new online search support is an interactive service we offer. It helps you conduct searches concerning patents, utility models, trade marks and designs.

Online search support means you virtually meet search experts of the DPMA who provide individual support with your search and explain how best to use our tools and services. For example, our experts show you how to optimise your personal IP search in our databases. However, we do not provide legal advice.

How is online search support provided?

You contact the search room of the DPMA in Berlin to make an online appointment for your search (for contact details see below). Subsequently, you are sent an e-mail containing your access data and additional information.

While conducting the online search, you and our search expert can share screens, so we can demonstrate how to use our search tools and you can show us the difficulties you have with our web services.
Voice communication can be made via the audio function of the computer or via a telephone. It is also possible to communicate via chat.
There is no video transmission showing you or us. We do not have access to your computer or the data you saved.

What are the requirements for access to online search support?

To get online search support, you only need a computer with access to the Internet and an installed browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Given their small displays, smartphones are not suitable to share screens.

If you do not use your computer audio function for voice communication, you additionally need a telephone.
We use Cisco’s "Webex" software for online search support. You can participate without having to install a program on your computer. If a "Webex" app is already installed on your computer, you can use this app too.

In rare cases, special, restrictive settings of your browser, your virus scanner or your firewall can prevent the establishment of a connection. In these cases, please go to the website of Cisco "Webex".


Update on 24.01.2024

To make an appointment for an online assisted search or if you have any questions about this service, please contact the Customer Service of the DPMA.

Telephone: 089 2195-1000

Last updated: 7 June 2021