World IP Day 2024

Shaping a sustainable future together

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we need to change the way we live. What can intellectual property (IP) contribute? Patent-protected inventions, sustainable designs and brands can all help us create a better, greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

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WIPO's Changemaker Gallery showcases inventors, creators and companies from around the world who are shaping and building a sustainable future for all.

Tackling our common global challenges with innovation and creativity - Video message from WIPO Director General Daren Tang

Our contribution to a climate-neutral federal administration

With the Federal Climate Protection Act, the Federal Government has set itself the goal of a climate-neutral federal administration by 2030. To achieve this, we at the DPMA are also acting sustainably and integrating the sustainability goals into our daily processes. In this way, we are doing our part to protect our natural resources and offer our employees a healthy and attractive working environment.

Glühbirne vor Windrad

Based on the United Nations 2030 Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the Federal Government has launched the ‘Programme of Measures for Sustainability - Further Development 2021 - Implementing sustainability in administrative action’ as part of its sustainability strategy. This programme requires all federal authorities, including the DPMA, to implement the goals in ten fields of action that cover the three pillars of sustainability: ecology, economy and social affairs.

In order to achieve our sustainability goals, we at the DPMA have closely linked the topic to our corporate strategy. We have set ourselves the goal of recognising the need for action and developing and promptly implementing tailor-made, KPI-based initiatives. To this end, we are establishing a sustainability management system at the DPMA that continuously develops and optimises these initiatives. We are aware of the responsibility and role model function of a federal authority and have been successfully implementing initiatives in various fields of action for many years.

The three pillars of sustainability at the DPMA
Fields of action ecology and economy Field of action social affairs
Since 2018, all DPMA office buildings have been supplied exclusively with green electricity from renewable energy sources. For many years, the DPMA has been promoting the compatibility of work and family life. In 2023, the DPMA was again awarded the ‘audit berufundfamilie’ certificate.
We have been using solar energy and geothermal energy in our main building in Zweibrückenstraße since 2011 A service agreement on flexible working came into force in 2023.
The potential for saving energy and increasing space efficiency will be taken into account in the exploratory procedures for the upcoming refurbishment of our office buildings. Management positions at the DPMA are also filled on a part-time basis or as ‘dual leadership’
In accordance with the principle of travel avoidance, we try to avoid non-essential business trips and use modern video conferencing and communication technology. The DPMA offers its staff an active occupational health management programme and regularly conducts surveys on stress at the workplace.
Through a service agreement on flexible working, we avoid travelling to work for our staff.  
The DPMA offers its employees financial support for the purchase of a job ticket and promotes the use of bicycles by employees.  
By expanding digital work processes, we significantly reduce paper consumption.  

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Video: Intellectual property for a sustainable future

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Last updated: 12 June 2024