Women's Day 2023: Inventing a fairer world together

DPMA participates in international symposium on "Diversity, affinity groups, and the collection of demographic data"

On the occasion of "International Women's Day 2023", representatives from several patent offices around the world will meet from March 7-9 at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Alexandria. Topics of the meeting will be existing mentoring programs in the offices (e.g. staff exchanges) and possible future initiatives. In addition, participants will report on experiences in collecting demographic data and discuss further cooperation in this area. Last but not least, the question will be how women can be encouraged to become more visible with their innovations. After all, only if more women have their innovations protected by patents, trademarks and designs will we succeed in making the world a more sustainable and equitable place. The participating offices have published a common statement for International Women's Day.

On behalf of the German Patent and Trademark Office, Head of Division Dr. Birgitt Fill will participate and report on experiences and developments at the DPMA.

Joint Statement of Intellectual Property Offices/Organizations
International Women’s Day - MARCH 8, 2023

The theme for International Women’s Day this year is “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.” Intellectual Property (IP) offices and organizations around the globe are coming together to support diversity within our offices and organizations and across the IP system. In many countries, women are underrepresented in the IP system and in access to digital technologies. We aim to encourage, support and accelerate increased participation from women and other underrepresented groups in the development, commercialization, and distribution of innovations and creative works, especially through the use of digital technology.

Women’s entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity foster technological advancement, enriches culture, and contribute to economic growth. Furthermore, their contributions and participation in decision-making processes are crucial for the development of inclusive policies, spaces, and digital tools necessary to increase the awareness of women and girls of their rights and to support more robust and diverse civic engagement.

United Nations figures from a 2022 report indicate that women’s exclusion from the digital world has contributed to a $ 1 trillion loss in the gross domestic product of low- and middle-income countries in the last decade. Without meaningful intervention and change, this loss in GDP is anticipated to grow to $ 1.5 trillion by 2025. According to the World Bank, there would be economic gains in the order of $5-6 trillion if women were supported to start and scale new businesses at the same rate as men.

In addition to yielding significant benefits for economies and communities, women’s full inclusion in technology and access to digital education and tools will accelerate creative solutions to global challenges and increase the potential for inventions and creative works that meet the needs of women and girls.

When the diversity of those engaged in innovation and creativity and using IP systems reflects the diversity of our communities, we will all benefit from a more sustainable, healthy, and balanced society.

We commit to working together to support and empower women and girls to inclusively access the innovation and creative economy to achieve their professional aspirations through the use of IP systems.

In addition, we commit to encouraging women and girls within our communities, including from any indigenous and local communities, to become familiar with, and make effective use of the intellectual property system, including as appropriate any tools for the protection of traditional knowledge, traditional cultural expressions, and genetic resources, for their own benefit and the benefit of their communities.

The world of IP is dynamic. Looking ahead, we will celebrate the theme for World Intellectual Property Day, April 26, 2023, Women and IP: Accelerating innovation and creativity, by recognizing the “can do” attitude of women inventors, creators and entrepreneurs around the world, and their groundbreaking work. We commit to using World Intellectual Property Day to advance efforts that accelerate women’s participation in the global innovation and creativity ecosystem.

Five questions to Eva Schewior, new DPMA President since 1 February 2023

On the occasion of "International Women's Day 2023", we talked to Eva Schewior about how inventions change the world, why she didn't become a scientist, how important role models are for women and girls in STEM professions, whether patent examiners can be replaced by an AI in the future, what she thinks about "Flowers for International Women's Day" and what we are doing to ensure that more women benefit from IP protection.

Click here for the Interview (in German).

Last updated: 1 July 2024