News - Archive 2019

December 2019

  • Milestones (23/12/2019)
    100th birthday of Artur Fischer: The mass inventor and his masterpiece
  • Milestones (20/12/2019)
    85 years ski lift with T-bar: The invention that takes winter sports enthusiasts to the top
  • Background (17/12/2019)
    Merry Christmas: Beware of fake Christmas bills
  • Article series: 70 years of the patent office in Munich (13/12/2019)
    Part 3: Munich trade marks: famous brands from the Bavarian metropolis
  • Milestones (12/12/2019)
    100 years of Bauhaus: Art meets technology
  • Milestones (10/12/2019)
    30 years of "The Simpsons": Money & merchandise, or: When the going gets Duff
  • Notice of the President of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (06/12/2019)
    No. 7/19 of 25 November 2019 about new practice concerning the recording of legal forms of companies of applicants for IP rights
  • Background (04/12/2019)
    Nobel Prize ceremony 2019: Prestigious patents

November 2019

October 2019

  • Notice No. 6/19 of the President of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (31/10/2019)
    of 24 October 2019 concerning the opening hours of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office from 24 December 2019 to 1 January 2020
  • Notice No. 5/19 of the President of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (31/10/2019)
    of 25 September 2019 concerning the publication of the Patent Gazette (Patentblatt), the Trade Mark Journal (Markenblatt) and the Design Gazette (Designblatt) on the official Internet platform DPMAregister in 2020
  • Cooperation (23/10/2019)
    Second meeting of the DPMAnutzerbeirat (DPMA Users' Advisory Council) - A committee takes off
  • Milestones (15/10/2019)
    Germany's number 1 brand "Perkeo" celebrates its 125th birthday
  • Important notices of the DPMA (14/10/2019)
    concerning licences for internationally registered trade marks and on the EU Regulation 2019/933 concerning the supplementary protection certificate for medicinal products
  • WIPO General Assembly (04/10/2019)
    DPMA Vice-President meets top officials from China, Japan, Singapore and Peru
  • Jubilee (01/10/2019)
    Article series: 70 years patent office in Munich

September 2019

  • DPMA and EUIPO (30/09/2019)
    IT cooperation for more user-friendliness
  • Backround (19/09/2019)
    Of monks and marks
  • Guests at DPMA (17/09/2019)
    President of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office welcomes Deputy Commissioner of the Chinese partner authority – Memorandum of Understanding to be renewed
  • Traide Fairs (16/09/2019)
    The DPMA at the efa in Leipzig and at the EMO in Hanover
  • Additional bank holiday in Thuringia (16/09/2019)
    DPMA Jena closed on World Children's Day
  • Press release (11/09/2019)
    The Deutscher Zukunftspreis award: "Impressive developments – important challenges"
  • Patents (03/09/2019)
    Fast to the international patent - DPMA updates website to the GPPH
  • Traide Fairs (03/09/2019)
    Events in September: The DPMA at the EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen and at the IFA in Berlin
  • Background (02/09/2019)
    The Spirit of Currywurst: 70th anniversary of a popular dish with tangy sauce – or was it completely different after all?

August 2019

  • Milestones (30/08/2019)
    Technology in Football: The screw stud shoe: Who invented it?
  • Press release (29/08/2019)
    PIZnet campaign week 2019: Nationwide campaign week with free orientation consultations for small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups
  • Guests at DPMA (26/08/2019)
    Federal Government Open Day 2019: More than 3,800 guests came to visit the DPMA
  • Background (20/08/2019)
    First certification mark registered
  • Milestones (09/08/2019)
    Wright or wrong? The Whitehead mystery of the world´s first motor flight
  • Background (12/08/2019)
    Day of the open monument on 8 September 2019: Where you can visit the once largest building in Berlin

July 2019

  • Background (07/08/2019)
    Day of the open monument 2019
  • Search (31/07/2019)
    New layout for DEPATISnet - we look forward to your feedback
  • Background (30/07/2019)
    International Beer Day: Serious drinking - Beer and IP
  • Ingenious women (21/07/2019)
    Series "Apollo's Women - Heroines in the Background of the Moon Landing"
  • Milestones (21/07/2019)
    50 years lunar landing: The patents that brought man to moon
  • Annual Report 2018 now available in English (08/07/2019)
    German Patent and Trade Mark Office provides information on technology trends, application procedures and its digital services
  • Milestones (08/07/2019)
    World's oldest perfume manufacturer: 310 years fighting imitators
  • Press release (01/07/2019)
    E-invoice: German Patent and Trade Mark Office processes all invoices fully electronically

June 2019

  • Background (28/06/2019)
    Refreshing inventions: Antiperspirants and deodorants
  • Ingenious Women (21/06/2019)
    Margarita Salas Falgueras – tracking DNA
  • Milestones (14/06/2019)
    Karl von Drais´ first ride with his “Laufmaschine”: Beginning of the Bicycle Age
  • Milestones (11/06/2019)
    Donald Duck turns 85 - Anniversary of the comic character
  • Milestones (03/06/2019)
    The Strandkorb: Career of a curious construct

May 2019

  • Notice No. 4/19 of the President of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (21/05/2019)
    of 17 May 2019 concerning the guidelines for the examination of trade mark applications and for keeping the register (Richtlinie Markenanmeldungen – Trade Mark Applications Guidelines)
  • Milestones (16/05/2019)
    The Antikythera mechanism - an ancient miracle of technology
  • Traide Fairs (13/05/2019)
    The DPMA at Techtextil in Frankfurt
  • Background (09/05/2019)
    Europe Day 2019: Protected geographical indications of origin
  • Background (07/05/2019)
    Hope for early diagnosis of serious diseases: DPMA President delighted about German proteomics researcher Matthias Mann being nominated for the European Inventor Award
  • Background (02/05/2019)
    Star Wars Day: Use the force - and IP Rights!

April 2019

  • Milestones (30/04/2019)
    Fearless researcher, visionary Inventor: Leonardo da Vinci died 500 years ago
  • Events (24/04/2019)
    of the DPMA and its cooperation partners around the World Intellectual Property Day on 26 April 2019
  • Trade Fairs (02/04/2019)
    Mobile IP experts at FIBO
  • Notice of 26 March 2019 (01/04/2019)
    concerning the entry into force of the Ordinance Amending the DPMA Ordinance and the Ordinance on Electronic Legal Transactions

March 2019

  • Trade fairs (27/03/2019)
    The DPMA together with the BMWi at the Hanover Fair
  • Guests at DPMA (26/03/2019)
    German-Chinese Symposium - 40 Years of Intellectual Property Cooperation
  • Important Notices (25/03/2019)
    Notice of 20 March 2019 on organisational measures in the patent area of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office
  • Milestones (25/03/2019)
    Anniversary of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft: 70 years of research and practice
  • VIP4SME (15/03/2019)
    DPMA Information Day for Founders with Migration and Refuge Background
  • Milestones (13/03/2019)
    Albert Einstein´s 140th anniversary: The best-known patent examiner of all time
  • Ingenious women (08/03/2019)
    International Women's Day 2019 - "Innovation made by Women"
  • Trade fairs (08/03/2019)
    The DPMA at IHM in Munich
  • Milestones (04/03/2019)
    Registered 120 years ago: Aspirin, probably the best known brand in medicine

February 2019

  • Press release (28/02/2019)
    German patents and trade marks in demand abroad as seldom before
  • Smart IP conference at DPMA (28/02/2019)
    So many questions: Artificial intelligence and intellectual property rights
  • Milestones (18/02/2019)
    140 years of stapler: The rise and demise of an indispensable office helper
  • Backround (08/02/2019)
    It's all just stolen – anti-award "Plagiarius 2019" tackles blatant counterfeits
  • Milestones (06/02/2019)
    World Radio Day: 70 years of VHF broadcasting in Europe

January 2019

  • Milestones (24/01/2019)
    Tempo 90: A brand and its birthday

  • Milestones (18/01/2019)
    135 years Nipkow disc: A poor student becomes a pioneer of television

  • Events (17/01/2019)
    Round Table "Smart IP – Applying intelligence to patenting, licensing and enforcing IP on new Technology" at DPMA on February 22

  • Notice of the President No. 1/19 (17/01/2019)
    Information concerning the opening hours of the Munich office of the DPMA on 5 March 2019 (Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras)

  • Notices of the President No. 7/18, 8/18, 9/18 (14/01/2019)
    Information on trademark law, guidelines and a patent information centre

  • Milestones (07/01/2019)
    90 years "Tintin". Comic of the 20th century: The clever boy with the iconic quiff

  • Background (07/01/2019)
    World Braille Day 2019: Six-point writing opened the door to education for blind People

  • Milestones (04/01/2019)
    250 years patent for James Watt: The steam of a world in change

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